Mission and Goals Ė Faculty of Finance, Banking and Accountancy

Dear students, freshers and parents,

The economist can be called, without modesty, the doctor of society, of the entire social system, and not just an economic one. No hospital or private clinic, no Government or transnational company in the shipyard, metallurgy or banking field can perform its activity without an economist. For these reasons, we propose to be in step with and even ahead of the dynamics of our times, through a sensitive analysis of economy. We propose, in modest limits, to be professionals of the future professionals from banks, companies or ministries.

The mission of the faculty is to provide theoretical support and scientific analysis to the economic procedures and realities, but also to familiarize students with the practical aspects of the applicable concepts in economic sciences. For a correct analysis of our becoming we have as a priority the development of activities that contribute to achieving the objectives defined in accordance with the assumed mission.

Acquisition of general and specific concepts

Our main goal is to adjust the bachelorís degree programmes, such as the content of the syllabuses, to all that is new in the Romanian, European and worldwide economy. Thus, along with the fundamentals of economic sciences - Economics, Statistics, Management and Marketing, our students may acquire knowledge in the field of specialization disciplines - Banking and Financial Management, International Financial and Currency Relations, Financial Accounting, Financial Control and Audit, Banking Accounting, Taxation, Prices and Competition.

Specialization in accordance with the requirements of the social and economic environment
Our school is connected, by tradition, with the business environment and various budgetary institutions. We have researched and we have identified the requirements and the trends of the labour market, the needs of the business environment and the public administration regarding the economistsí specialization.

Adjustment to the international and European context
Our study programs are compatible with those of other similar study programs existing within different E.U. prestigious universities. The permanent concern of our teaching stuff is to be periodically updated, to suggest new disciplines or to introduce new approaches of the fundamental subjects.

Permanent observation of the alumniís careers

We are happy to stay in touch with all our alumni. In 2012, we have enjoyed the meeting with the twelfth promotion. Most of them work in banks, stock exchanges, insurance companies, consulting companies in the field of accounting, financial, fiscal, industrial and service companies, ministries or their authorities, in Bucharest and around the country. Thanks to the disciplines they studied, our alumni are connected with the European space, being able to find jobs in other E.U. member countries.

Assurance of all skills necessary to the economic field
Our study programs are managed so that an economist with a degree in Finance Ė Banking or Accountancy, and also with skills and knowledge in most areas, should meet any performance or activities.

Awareness of education and performance role
The mission and objectives of our faculty comply with the European objectives related to the need and the importance of education and specialization while supporting economic competitiveness, adjustment to the new trends of professional and geographical mobility, the growth of investment in people through permanent, lifelong education for motivating jobs occupancy.

Assurance of qualitative educational context
Bachelorís and masterís degree programs are in compliance with the regulatory requirements and standards of Romanian Agency for Quality Assurance in Higher Education. We acknowledge that only the healthy, educated, specialized and well-paid people should be able to support a continuous and sustainable economic development.Letís try together to be better both as people and as economists. Letís discover together the real world!

U.C.D.C. - the best place for higher education!!!!