About us - Faculty of Finance, Banking and Accountancy
The Faculty of Finance, Banking and Accountancy offers “Finance and Banking” specialization- full time and low attendance courses,
and “Accountancy and Business Administration IT ”- full time courses, according to G.O. 707/ 2012, published in Official Journal of Romania, Part I, no. 525/30.VII.2012.
Accreditation by the Romanian Agency for Quality Assurance in Higher Education
U.C.D.C. (“Dimitrie Cantemir” Christian University), accredited by law 238/2002, was institutionally evaluated with HIGH CONFIDENCE RATING, the highest degree that can be granted to a university in Romania. more ...
Bachelor’s Degree Examination
The main objective for the teaching staff is to train students to become experts through a study programme meant to stir up reason, creativity and to facilitate the acquirement of certain economic abilities.
Master Degree Programme
  • Administration and Financial Audit
  • Finance and Business Administration
  • Financial and Banking Management
  • Admission – Master’s Degree
  • All Master Degree Programmes are granted by Romanian Agency for Quality Assurance in Higher Education with the distinction of the highest rank that can be granted to master programmes, “CONFIDENCE”- a guarantee of the value that our diplomas have for the master studies, too.
    Career Opportunities
    The general and specialization training offers our graduates the necessary skills to perform successfully different activities specific to banks, insurance
    and re-insurance companies, real estate companies, Ministry of Public Finance and its branches, Financial Guard, Court of Auditors, National Agency of Fiscal Administration, consultancy companies, local and county councils, economic and financial departments of the national and transnational companies.
    National and International Relations
    Our faculty is member of the Romanian Association of the Faculties of Economics, a professional and scientific organization,
    the mission of which is to develop and improve the economic higher education. We support and encourage the cooperation with any other faculty with the same profile, from Romania or abroad, and, in this context, we organize teaching staff and students exchange through “ERASMUS” program.