Bachelorís degree programme: FINANCE
Study programme: FINANCE AND BANKING
Length of programme: 3 years
Type of study programme: full time and low-attendance courses

Professional competences
C1. Proper use of the concepts, theories, methods and financial tools in the  public and private entities / organizations;
C2. Collection, analysis and interpretation of data and information related to the economic and financial problems;
C3. Economic and financial achievements within the private and  public entities/ organizations;
C4. Execution of financial transactions and operations specific to public and private entities/ organizations ;
C5. Implementation of  plans and budgets within the public and private entities/ organizations;
C6. Application of financial decisions within the public and private entities/organizations.

Transversal competences
CT1. Application of the principles, norms and values of professional ethics within its own rigorous, efficient and responsible work strategy;
CT2. Identification of roles and responsibilities in a multi -specialized team and application of bonding techniques and efficient work within the team;
CT3. Opportunities identification for steady education and effective use of resources and learning techniques for self development .

Continuing education
Masterís degree programme

Professional Status
Insurance Inspector, Chief  Commissioner, Dealer, Investment Analyst, Stock/ Bond Manager, Broker, Risk Capital Agent, Credit Officer, Risk Control Expert, Judiciary Administrator, Bank Economist, Treasurer, Bank Officer, Leasing Manager, Leasing Bank Agent, Insurance Agent


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CURRICULUM PLAN, 1st YEAR (IFR), download here

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