Accountancy and Business Administration IT

Bachelorís degree programme:
Study programme:
Accountancy and Business Administration IT
Length of programme:
3 years
Type of study programme:
full time courses

Professional competences
C1. Identification and registration of transactions in the entity /organization accounts;
C2. The use of informatics resources in the financial accounting field;
C3. Information processing in order to draw up the financial- accounting and/or tax reports;
C4. Classification and interpretation of financial indicators;
C5. The ongoing process of the financial- accounting control operations.

Transversal competences
CT1. Application of the principles, norms and values of professional ethics within its own rigorous, efficient and responsible work strategy;
CT2. Identification of roles and responsibilities in a multi -specialized team and application of bonding techniques and efficient work within the team;
CT3. Opportunities identification for steady education and effective use of resources and learning techniques for self development.

Continuing education
Masterís degree programme
Professional status:
Economist / Specialist working in the financial system, according to Romanian Occupancy Classification (COR 2012)

Professional Status
Treasure Inspector, Chartered Accountant, Accounting Consultant, Financial-accounting Consultant, Internal Auditor, Administrator Controller, Financial Auditor, Censor, Fraud Squad Commissioner, Budgetary Consultant, Evaluator, Damage Evaluation Expert, Liquidator/ Official Receiver, Price/ Cost Analyst, Financial Inspector, Fiscal Consultant


CURRICULUM PLAN, 1st YEAR (IF), download here

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