Faculty of Finance, Banking and Accountancy

The Research Centre for Financial and Banking Studies

The Research Centre for Financial and Banking Studies, within the Department of Finance, Banking and Accountancy, coordinated by the Institute of Multidisciplinary Scientific Researches, performs its activities on legal basis, in accordance with the strategic development plan of the University and the Senate Decision no. 40/ 16.11.2009.
The activity of the centre is interdisciplinary, pinpointing continuously and systematically both dimensions of the economic research- the fundamental and the practical ones.

The objectives of the Centre match the most modern and complex areas of economic-scientific research: correlation of real economy with the financial one, financial frequency, the impact of financialization on economic growth, the relation between the financial phenomena and durable development, the role of intangible capital in establishing financial cycle, crises and the self-organization of economic systems, financial dimensions of the knowledge-based economy.

The main research fields of interest for the Centre are:
• theory and practice of financial and banking systems, financial management of business;
• financial and economic analysis;
• inter banking system and relations;
• trends and capital market practice;
• market of insurance and re-insurance;
• financial determinants and conditioners of regional development policies;
• models of business on emerging financial markets;
• competitive strategies in the financial-banking sector;
• financial dimensions of service economy;
• statistic methods of financial phenomena analysis;
• financial processes prognosis and modelling;
• macro-finance;
• management of investments;
• price systems and policies;
• accountancy and accounting policies;
• international accounting regulation;
• fiscal policy and public finance ;
• European finance;
• corporative governance, audit and financial control, corporative social responsibility etc