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    Section 1. Growing administrative and institutional capacity of the Romanian economy-interdisciplinary challenges

    Section Chair: Reader Vadim DUMITRASCU, PhD
    Section Secretary: Lecturer Sorin RADU, PhD

    E-mail: radusorin_ucdc@yahoo.com

    - Entrepreneurial process and attitudes
    - Economics of entrepreneurship
    - Entrepreneurship education
    - Entrepreneurial career
    - Intrapreneurship
    - Self-employment
    - Social and non-for-profit entrepreneurship and enterprises
    - SMEs financing
    - Barriers and difficulties in SMEs functioning
    - SMEs and local economic development
    - SMEs oriented policies
    - Small business financing
    - Social responsibility and business ethics
    - Business environment and ease of doing business
    - E-business, e-commerce
    - Growth, innovation and development of the firms
    - Business transformation
    - Financial Restructuring
    - Financial Modeling
    - European Financial Markets
    - Risk Management Process
    - Options, Futures and Risk Management
    - Insurance Law
    - Risk Analysis
    - Environmental Risk and Safety
    - Market Regulations
    - Micro-finance
    - Quantitive Methods and Decision Modeling
    - Sustainable Development
    - Organizational Management and Communication
    - Law Institutions and Policies
    - Other business management and finance issues.

    Section 2. Contribution of the banking system at increasing competitiveness of national economy

    Section Chair: Reader Ileana NICULA, PhD
    Section Secretary: Lecturer Mirela TURKES, PhD. Candidate

    E-mail: mirela.turkes@ucdc.ro

    - European Banking
    - Investment Banking
    - International Banking
    - Net Banking
    - Bank Lending
    - Consumer lending
    - Bank Management
    - Central bank policy
    - Institutional Assets and Liability Management
    - Banking and Financial Services Marketing
    - Financial Institutions Management
    - Finance and Banking Relations
    - Public Borrowing
    - Financial Institutions Planning and Strategy
    - Financial Service and Banking Regulation
    - Contemporary Issue in Banking
    - Insurance Products and Process
    - Risk Management and Insurance and other Banking issues
    - Derivatives Market and Products

    Section 3. Financing of the Romanian economy - imbalances and challenges

    Section Chair: Lecturer Daniela PENU, PhD
    Section Secretary: Lecturer Raluca Crina BUCUR, PhD

    E-mail: ralucacrinapetrescu@yahoo.com

    - Governance and Financial Fraud
    - Public Sector Financial Management
    - Contemporary Issues in Finance
    - Business finance and financing
    - Corporate governance, corporate culture
    - Financial Institutions
    - Global Financial Crisis
    - Corporate Finance
    - Capital Markets
    - Risk Financing
    - Risk Transfer and Insurance
    - Fiscal Policy

    Section 4. International economic and financial standards - challenges generated from the current crisis and the demands of the knowledge society

    Section Chair: Professor Gheorghe LEPADATU, PhD
    Section Secretary: Reader Sorinel CAPUSNEANU, PhD

    E-mail: sorinelcapusneanu@ucdc.ro

    - Business Accounting
    - International Accounting
    - Financial Accounting
    - Accounting Education
    - Corporate Governance and Accountability
    - Management Accounting
    - Cost Accounting
    - Financial Reporting and Statement Analysis
    - Strategic Management Accounting
    - Information Systems in Business and Economics
    - Accounting Process and Systems
    - Accounting and Financial Modeling
    - Accounting for Derivatives
    - Foreign Currency Accounting
    - Financial Statement and Business Valuations
    - Government and Non-Profit Accounting
    - Contemporary Issues in Accounting and all other Accounting areas and related topics
    - Auditing and Assurance
    - Contemporary Issues in Auditing and all other Auditing areas and related topics