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    The “Financial Aspects of Sustainable Development of Romania under the Conditions of Crisis, European Integration and Globalization” 2014 organizing Committee

    Conference Chairs:

    Professor Momcilo Luburici, PhD, President and founder of UCDC
    Professor Corina Adriana Dumitrescu, PhD, Rector of UCDC

    Vice Chairs:

    Professor Cristiana Cristureanu, PhD, UCDC, Bucharest
    Professor, Victor Munteanu, PhD, Vice-rector of UCDC
    Reader Emilia Gogu, PhD, President of the Coordination of Scientific Research Council
    Professor Gheorghe Lepadatu, PhD, Director of the Institute of Multidisciplinary Research

    Organizing committee members

    Prof. Mihaela Muresan, PhD
    Prof. Aurel Serb, PhD
    Reader Ileana Silvia Nicula, PhD
    Reader Florin Cristian Ciurlau, PhD
    Reader Luminita Dragne, PhD
    Reader Vadim Dumitrascu, PhD
    Reader Gabriel Nastase, PhD
    Reader Carmen-Judith Grigorescu, PhD
    Reader Narcisa Isaila, PhD
    Lecturer Andreea Lazar, PhD
    Lecturer Roxana Dumitrascu, PhD,
    Lecturer Daniela Penu, PhD
    Lecturer Diana Apostol, PhD
    Lecturer Mirela Catalina Türkes, PhD
    Lecturer Crina Raluca Bucur, PhD
    Lecturer Sorin Radu, PhD
    Assistant Alina Solomon, PhD Student

    Conference Co-Chairs:

    Reader Vadim Dumitrascu, PhD
    Section 1 Growing administrative and institutional capacity of the Romanian economy-interdisciplinary challenges

    Reader Ileana Nicula, PhD
    Section 2 Contribution of the banking system at increasing competitiveness of national economy

    Lecturer Daniela Penu, PhD
    Section 3 Financing of the Romanian economy - imbalances and challenges

    Professor Gheorghe Lepadatu, PhD
    Section 4 International economic and financial standards - challenges generated from the current crisis and the demands of the knowledge society